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For nearly 20 years Advance Insurance has been protecting the individuals and families that protect and serve our communities.  They give us their very best and we want to return the favor by offering the very best insurance coverage available in the market.  The exclusive discounts for police officers, firefighters, teachers and other civil servants can only be accessed through this program.

Coverage options like, OEM parts, loss of use & diminished value for rental cars, and the cost to excavate to repair a leak that has caused other damage simply aren’t found with offered by other insurance companies.

"I've worked with Advance Insurance for over 10 years. I continue to receive excellent service, prompt responses & competitive pricing. Everyone is a pleasure to work with." 

- Customer since 2013

"Advance Insurance is great. They always have my best interests in mind. They work hard to get the best policies that meet my needs, and let me know if something better comes along."

- Caleb Z., customer since 2009


  • Firefighters (must be government firefighters)

  • Law Enforcement Officers

  • Police Officers, Sheriffs, FBI Agents, Secret Service Agents, DHS Officers, Prison Guard and Border Patrol Enforcement personnel and other comparable positions whose duties are primarily the prevention, investigation, apprehension or detention of individuals suspected or convicted of offenses against the criminal laws.

  • Includes supervisory & administrative positions, or people serving as probation or pretrial services officers.

  • Teachers

Discounts also available for these occupations

  • Accountants

  • Actuaries

  • Pharmacists

  • Scientists

  • Engineers

  • Professors

  • Farmers

  • Clergy

  • Physical Therapists


  • Available to current or retired full-time employees of a government unit or a surviving spouse/state recognized domestic partner.

  • A government unit is an entity which directly or indirectly receives its authority from federal, state, county or local laws, or which by custom is associated with these units.  A government unit may be the executive, judicial, or legislative branch of the federal or a state government, on of the branches of the military, the National Guard, a federal independent agency such as the U.S. Postal Service, or a county, municipal, or local district government.

  • A government employee is any person who is principally employed on a permanent, full-time basis by a government unit in the public service or has retired from such employment.  This definition includes a person on active military duty, an elected official, and one who is employed by or retired from such units, or the surviving spouse/state recognized domestic partner of a government employee.

Coverage Highlights (what makes this program better than the other guys)


  • We use OEM parts (many companies use after-market and used parts).

  • On rental car, we cover loss of use and diminished value.  Most companies do not.  This means that you can waive the Collision Damage Waiver from the rental car company knowing that your policy fully covers you, not just your Comprehensive & Collision coverage.

  • Reinstatement with no-lapse if less than 30-days.  Most carriers will not do this. 


  • Premises liability does include Personal Injury (libel, slander, false light, etc.).

  • Jewelry is automatically covered for $10k ($2500 per item).  Again, most carriers are $2500 total and some are even $1500 total.

  • Equipment breakdown coverage ($27 per year) – claims do not count against insured

  • If we need to excavate to get to pipe or line or something, the cost is covered.  This is not the case with many companies.


  • Personal Injury included (tenant claims for wrongful eviction, invasion of privacy, or wrongful imprisonment)

  • Vandalism by tenant covered

  • Vandalism due to vacancy covered

  • Can write up to 99 policies for an insured

  • Can write stand-alone policies without primary auto or home policies


  • Replacement Cost coverage on contents

  • Personal Injury included (libel, slander, defamation of character, etc)


  • Limits of $1mm and $2mm

  • We will cover up to 99 properties in our Personal Umbrella program.

Click below to have an agent contact you for a complimentary insurance review.  They will make sure that you have the protection you need and that you are served at the same high level that you offer in your public service.

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