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Recreational Vehicle Insurance 

Workers Compensation for the Wood and Lumber Industry

We worked together a few years ago when I owned and operated VMGU which distributed a very successful lumber and woodworking program.

After a brief retirement which allowed my “non-compete” agreement to mature I have decided to return to the industry and currently am working with Lumber Insurance Services, Inc.  VMGU successfully wrote business in the lumber and woodworking sectors for over ten years. Your agency was one of our MGA’s valued producers and I hope we can work with you again.

Lumber Insurance Services has strong partnerships with many of the carriers providing workers compensation coverage. We are able to write workers compensation coverage on particularly difficult classes such sawmills, pallet and pellet mills as well as truss manufacturers.

I believe you will be impressed with our product, pricing and appetite. During my absence lumber and woodworking accounts have become more difficult to place. I feel confident that LIS can help you market to these difficult classes of business.

Many of our carriers also accelerate commission payments so producers receive commissions shortly after binding coverage instead of months later, so if cash flow is a concern we can help with our workers compensation product.

Thank you for favoring me with your business these many years and I look forward to working with you. 

"Debbie called me back right away and answered all of my questions, then got the coverage I needed started right away! Great customer service!"

- Customer since 2017

"Debbie is seriously the sweetest person. Answers my texts, calls and emails when I have a question. This company goes above and beyond to provide 1 on 1 services. Thank you for everything!"

- Marlyne A., customer since 2016

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By Appointment

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