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Supplemental Insurance


At Advance Insurance & Benefits, we are committed to offering a total array of insurance services that meet your every need. That is why we offer additional insurance coverage to keep you protected in areas that your current Health Insurance policy does not cover – for peace of mind assurance that keeps your finances secure.

Supplemental Insurance works to cover any gaps in your Health Insurance plan. This can include any out-of-pocket medical expenses, such as deductibles and co-payments that you cannot afford. It can also provide cash benefits to assist you in certain situations such as, high living expenses, loss of income due to an illness or injury, and money to pay for medication.

"When we moved to Las Vegas in 2008, we found our current insurance company wasn't licensed here. We were quite surprised when they highly recommended Advance Insurance Agency, and we have been with you ever since. We realize and Thank You for working hard to provide us with good rates and excellent service!"

- Robert D., customer since 2009

"We have been customers for at least 20 years and have always been treated like family by everyone at Advance Insurance. Every request, inquiry, and/or problem we've presented to the staff has always been taken care of in a quick and courteous manner."


- Guadalupe C., customer since 2004

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There are many types of Supplemental Insurance, which is why it is important to talk with an insurance representative from Advance Insurance & Benefits to discuss your options. A couple of examples include additional insurance for Medicare and Maternity.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance provides current individuals under Medicare with assistance for items not covered under Medicare Part A and Part B. This can include co-pays, deductibles, and co-insurance that can add up to large out-of-pocket expenses.

Maternity Supplemental Insurance helps to cover any medical expenses up to the delivery of the baby. This can include deductibles, co-payments, and more – so you are not stuck with unexpected expenses on top of your existing bills.

Since Supplemental Insurance is an addition to your Health Insurance policy, it is important to note that it does not act as a traditional Health Insurance policy.

Avoid gaps in your current Health plan with Supplemental Insurance from Advance Insurance & Benefits.

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